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Mercerising can be done at different stages during the pre-treatment process. This could be after De-sizing or after Scouring or after Bleaching. When done after desize-washing, it induces maximum lustre onto the fabric. However, contamination of lye can occur, which reduces life of the caustic lye. High degree of whiteness can be achieved if the bleaching process is done after mercerisation. Mercerisation after scouring and bleaching prevents contamination of caustic lye but effects the whiteness and absorbency. Mercerising can be done either on wet fabric with a lye concentration controller or on dry fabrics. Mercerising could be done with either cold lye or with hot caustic.
Salient Features
1. Modular design, tailored to suit individual requirements.
2. Low width shrinkage with excellent dimensional stability.
3. Mercerised fabric has excellent lustre, high absorbency, better handle, uniform and repeatable finishing results.

Can be equipped with PLC controls for different functions such as fabric tension in Impregnator and Stabiliser, Shrinkage-Controller-cum Indicator etc.

pH Indication / Control at the end of Washing, dwell time control by controlling speed flow control for walls & NaOH concentration control etc.

5. Lower Lye, Water and Steam Consumption.
6. Low maintenance.
7. Lower quantity of re-dyeing requirements.
  MACHINE MODEL   M4 M5 M6 MS M10 M12 M16 M20
  Fabric Contents in Meters Impregnating Section 9 11 13 17 21 26 34 42
    Stabilising Section 7 7 9 13 16 18 22 26
  Speed Meters / Minute Impregnating Time - 50 Sec. 11 13 16 20 26 31 41 50
    Impregnating Time - 30 Sec. 18 22 26 34 43 51 68 84
  Fabric Contents in Meters Impregnating Section   11 13 17 21 26 34  
    Stabilising Section   11 13 17 21 26 34  
  Speed Meters/ Minute Impregnating Time - 30 Sec.   22 26 34 43 51 68  
Fabric Feeding
Fabric feeding through Guiding and Centering devices.
Positively Driven Batching-off unit with / without J scray for low tension and continuous working.
Combination of three individually easily adjustable Curved Bar Rubber Expanders to feed Fabric in stretched condition.
Lye Impregnator

Made from Stainless Steel unless otherwise specified.

Caustic lye impregnation with rollers dipped in lye as well as by caustic filled nips formed between top and bottom rollers. Grooved Bottom Rollers for better width stability.

Dwell time control by speed adjustments.

Driven rollers at regular intervals can be supplied for tension control.
Can be equipped with chiller / heater for lye temperature control.
Equipped with automatic / manual continuous filtering arrangement.
Automatic fresh lye addition to maintain uniform caustic lye consistency to pre-adjusted concentration.
Machine can be equipped with a NaOH concentration controller.
Tension Controlled Drive
Multi-point Variable Frequency Drive with encoders to maintain uniform tension.
Programmable / pre-set speed between various individual drives.
Constant fabric tension.
Facility to over-feed fabrics to ensure better width stability.
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